stop smoking

Quick | Easy | Permanent | Become a non-smoker

Have you been struggling to quit for years?
  • Have you stopped smoking, only to start up again after a time of stress or a night out?

  • Do you believe it’ll be really difficult to give up smoking and you’re addicted to nicotine?

  • Did you manage to quit smoking only to take up vaping/e-cigarettes in their place? 

  • Are you worried about what’ll happen if you manage to quit smoking – the cravings, weight gain, being grumpy?

“Thrive as a Non-Smoker” is a highly successful, evidence-based smoking cessation programme that’ll enable you to stop smoking simply, quickly and – most importantly – permanently. The programme has been developed from over 25 years of clinical experience and applied psychology, backed by proven scientific research.

High Success Rate

A fourteen month research survey into the efficacy of this programme showed a 92.5% success rate (compared to 48% for the NHS stop smoking programme) with the majority of smokers describing the process as easy and confirming that they experienced little or no withdrawal symptoms or cravings and remained ‘smoke-free’.

Stop Smoking Quickly and Easily

In just two sessions I can teach you the simple techniques to stop smoking for good and also increase your self-confidence, self-belief and self-esteem, leaving you feeling more powerful in other areas of your life. Unlike other programmes, which at best, may help you become an ex-smoker who’s likely to start smoking again when stress or an excuse presents itself, you will become a non-smoker.

I’ll work with you, first looking at the beliefs you hold about smoking and then help you to develop your mindset so you become a non-smoker – someone who doesn’t smoke and doesn’t want to smoke – thereby allowing you to quit easily and most importantly, permanently!

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you to complete the Thrive Programme and become a
non-smoker, CONTACT ME to arrange a FREE, confidential, initial consultation