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The Thrive Programme can successfully help people of all ages to make significant and permanent changes to their lives, irrespective of their background, upbringing or age – it’s never too late for you to learn to Thrive! Whether you have tried previous treatments or therapies, or this is the first time that you’ve sought help, the Thrive Programme has been proven to successfully overcome anything from anxiety, phobias, low self-esteem, weight issues or smoking to stress, compulsive behaviours, or depression. It can even help you reach specific goals, such a running a marathon or achieving success at work.


The Programme is suitable for children aged 11 and older. I’ll always evaluate the suitability of each child and their level of understanding. The ‘Thrive for Teenagers’ workbook has been specially developed for ages 11 – 15 after which they’d progress to the standard Thrive Programme workbook. All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the sessions.


To make changes in your life – whether you want to build your confidence, overcome depression, stop smoking, lose weight or overcome a phobia – at least 95% of the task is understanding your psychological make-up and being aware of what ‘makes you tick’. The Thrive Programme provides you with the necessary understanding and insights into your beliefs, thinking and emotions – You’ll quickly start to make the necessary changes and in doing so, feel more empowered and in control. By working through the programme, you’ll learn to understand how your challenges came about and how they’ve been maintained, but more importantly, how you can overcome them. Throughout our sessions, I’ll work with you to ensure you gain the skills, resources and self-belief to make the necessary changes so you lead the life you choose.


The Thrive programme is a structured, easy to follow, evidence-based psychological training programme, delivered through focused, supported sessions. Each one is active, engaging, and goal orientated. While maintaining structure and focus, I’ll always aim to make the experience as light-hearted and relaxed as possible. During our sessions and follow-up homework exercises, I’ll help you develop self-awareness and insights along with the skills and understanding that’ll enable you to make positive, lifelong changes. This’ll enable you to overcome challenges and achieve the goals you’re working towards. During the sessions we’ll cover a number of key concepts. On completion of the programme, you’ll have a full understanding of: 1. Your psychological make-up, what makes you ‘tick’, the specific ‘thinking styles’ you adopt and any limiting beliefs you may have.
2. How thinking, feeling and reacting to situations has a profound effect on your life and experiences.
3. Your psychological foundations, and how they dictate the way you view and respond to events and experiences in your life.
4. The level of power you believe you have to make changes in your life and your confidence in your own skills and resources.
5. Your level of self-esteem, which can be changed in just two weeks and the profound effect it can have on you and your life.
6. How we create anxiety, stress, fears and phobias and how you can get rid of them
7. How our desire for control leads to avoiding many situations in life and how this actually increases anxiety.
8. The impact of emotions and thinking on your immune system and your ability to stay healthy. You’ll learn how our minds and bodies interact to produce issues and how we can change them.
9. The impact of superstitions, magical beliefs and ideas such as fate, luck and chance.
10. Your ability to overcome just about any situation in life and in doing so, Thrive!


The Thrive Programme is proven, evidenced-based practice, founded on scientific research and many years of clinical experience. The programme is highly successful in overcoming a wide variety of issues. These video testimonials and written testimonials illustrate how the Thrive Programme has led to significant positive change in people’s lives. A recent research study was conducted on the efficacy of the Thrive Programme in helping people to overcome emetophobia – the fear of being sick. The results of this survey suggested that the Thrive Programme is a highly effective treatment for emetophobia, with all participants either totally overcoming or significantly improving their condition. This study was the largest piece of research ever conducted on emetophobia. A 14-month study into the efficacy of the programme in relation to stopping smoking found a 92.5% success rate.


You’re welcome to bring someone with you to the consultation if you would like to, however, please let me know prior to your appointment so I can ensure that I have sufficient seating available. Please note, all children under 16 years of age are required to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian during the sessions.


The Thrive Programme workbook contains all the information that you need to learn how to Thrive, and it’s my role as a licensed Thrive Programme Consultant to guide and support you and make the book ‘come alive’. I do this by sharing additional knowledge, case studies and insights that are not contained in the book. I understand that all my clients are unique individuals, all with different ways of learning and understanding and I therefore personalise and tailor each session to your specific needs, working at your pace, speaking ‘your language’ and giving examples that are relevant to you. To gain the maximum benefit from the programme it’s vital to fully understand all the elements of the Thrive Programme. If you find any aspect of the programme confusing or challenging, I’m there to provide clarification and explain concepts in a way that are more understandable and relevant to you. I’ll also help you apply them to your own life experience.
Making changes in your life can be daunting, even if they’re changes for the better. Keeping up the momentum can be difficult alone, so I’ll be there to provide support, encouragement and motivation. My role is to ensure that you successfully complete the programme and achieve the life you want!


Yes. There will be some reading and exercises for you to do between the sessions. As with all things in life, the more effort you put in, the more you get out of the programme and the faster you’ll start to see results.


Typically, a full course of the Thrive Programme consists of six sessions. No two people are alike though and you may need to do a little more or a little less, depending on your learning style and goals. I tailor the programme to each individual and we would agree the ideal schedule for you during your initial consultation. I also offer support sessions to clients who have previously been through the workbook and would like some additional clarification or support. In these instances, I offer one or two sessions so they can gain the understanding they need to put new habits and behaviours in place.


Most people start to see improvements within a couple of weeks of starting the programme. The more effort you dedicate to the Thrive Programme, the more you will get from it and the faster you will feel the benefits.


You will receive: A complimentary initial consultation, prior to the commencement of the programme. Face-to-face or Skype appointment lasting approximately 75 minutes, with the number of appointments to be agreed at the initial consultation. All session handouts and a Thrive Your Life folder. Access to me between sessions via email or telephone. Your own copy of the Thrive Programme Journal, on completion of the full programme.


The Thrive Programme is an empowering, evidence-based psychological training programme rather than a form of therapy. To make lasting changes in your life, it’s vital that you’re equipped with the self-insight to do so. It’s impossible to change something if you don’t know where you’re going wrong! Whilst other interventions can give you techniques to ‘live with’ your symptoms, completing the Thrive Programme will teach you how to gain the self-awareness you need to make permanent and lasting changes, in a predictable and empowering way. You’ll learn to understand not only how your issue came about and how you have been maintaining it, but also, most importantly, how you can overcome it. Many people seek the help of The Thrive Programme because they’ve already tried other therapies and methods and been unhappy with the results. The difference between the Thrive Programme and Hypnotherapy: The appeal of hypnotherapy is entirely understandable. When people feel powerless about resolving their anxiety or symptom, the idea of falling asleep and waking up problem-free is very tempting! Although hypnotherapy may help overcome a minor issue, its success can’t be guaranteed and therefore it’s neither predictable, nor empowering. All symptoms, including depression, anxiety, phobias, OCD and insomnia, are the direct result of our thinking. To permanently overcome a symptom, the most empowering thing we can do is to understand and address the thinking that caused it in the first place. Although, in certain instances, hypnosis may change our thinking about a certain issue, without the substance to underpin this new belief, it’s very likely that we’ll quickly revert to old ways of thinking, resulting in the return of the issue. Hypnosis works by getting rid of issues through suggestion. However, because symptoms are the result of other issues, be it our self-esteem, social anxiety or feeling out of control, any positive results from hypnosis are unlikely to be permanent unless these primary issues are addressed. The Thrive Programme is quite different from hypnosis in that it’s focused on changing the root cause of the symptoms, which it does easily due to its evidence-based formula, which leads to an empowering, predictable and permanent change in as little as 6 sessions. The difference between the Thrive Programme and Counselling: Some people may find counselling to be helpful as it can allow them to ‘off-load’ or talk through a problem, particularly if they’re unable to talk to friends or family. However, all too often people find themselves going over old ground, dredging up hurt and difficult experiences from the past, but without this leading to a resolution or change of perspective. Very often, when people feel unhappy with themselves or their lives in the present, they feel powerless to change themselves, their behaviour or their circumstance and hope that by revisiting their past they’ll be able to resolve their current issue. In some instances you may gain more insight into why you behave as you do, however this rarely means that you feel empowered enough to overcome problems or change your life in the present. With the Thrive Programme, the focus is on your thoughts in the present, looking at the processes by which anxiety and symptoms are created and how you think about things, rather than what you are thinking about. In many cases, people may experience symptoms some days and not on others; our past lives are fixed and unchangeable, unlike our issues and therefore it can only be a changing thinking that has resulted in a change in the issue. The difference between the Thrive Programme and CBT or NLP: The methodology of the Thrive Programme is very different from that of CBT or NLP. Both CBT and NLP are based on the use of techniques, whereas over 90% of the success of the Thrive Programme lies in the understanding of your thinking and beliefs that are creating your symptom or issue. The limitation of treatments that are driven by techniques, rather than insight and understanding, is that they are generally, at best only partially or temporarily successful. After all, if you’re not able to understand or alter the driving forces behind your anxiety, symptoms or limiting beliefs it can feel as though you’re ‘fire-fighting’, and constantly trying to fend off negative thoughts can be stressful in itself. These methods mainly deal with controlling negative thoughts rather than significantly altering the belief systems from which these thoughts originated. Possessing the level of understanding and insight that you gain with the Thrive Programme, means you’ll be able to overcome your symptoms and issues so that you’re no longer creating them.


If you would like to find out more, simply call 07870 166105, email or contact me to arrange your complementary initial consultation. The consultation is your opportunity to meet me, tell me what you would like to achieve, learn more about the Thrive Programme and ask me any questions you may still have. This consultation is of course confidential and is offered without any obligation to you.