Cam - St. Albans

What was going on in your life that meant you decided to do the Thrive Programme?

I wasn’t managing my thinking well and consequently I was creating lots of stress and anxiety in my life. I was having troubles with sleeping on a regular basis, I had low self-esteem and had very little faith in my own capabilities.

What difference did it make to you going through the programme with the help of your consultant?

I no longer create huge amounts of anxiety about situations that I face throughout the day, whether that be a one to one encounter with a friend, whom I previously would’ve worried about their opinion of me or what I suspected someone was thinking about me in the supermarket

Did you enjoy going through Thrive?

I truly did enjoy the Thrive programme with Mary. I looked forward to each session and was guaranteed to come away feeling much better than I did when I walked through the door. Mary has a great sense of humour and she made talking about even the toughest of topics really easy.

Was there a key thing in the programme that stood out to you? And if you’ve tried other interventions or therapies before, what made Thrive different?

Thrive for me is unlike any other programme. I had been to talking therapy in the past, which in my opinion is a complete waste of time and money! You can’t rid yourself of conditions by simply talking about it. Thrive is a “doing” programme that helps you to recognise your thinking and where you’re going wrong to create symptoms. It then teaches you how to correct your thinking so you no longer create your issues in the first place.

What did you get out of going through the programme?

I got my life back!

How would you say that your life has changed by going through Thrive?

I would say my life has changed for the better for sure. There have been so many benefits from going through the programme. I now sleeping better, I have a better work life and social life and it’s even improved my sex life!

What words would you use to describe you and your life 1) before Thrive and 2) now having gone through the programme?

1) Helpless

2) Content

Have other people noticed the change in you?

My mum has particularly noticed a huge change in me and my behaviour.

How have your friends and family benefited by you going through the programme?

They actually get to see me now! I no longer end up making up excuses why I can’t see people as I no longer suffer from high social anxiety.

In what way is your company/business/career benefiting by you going thorough Thrive?

I’ve seen great results in my business! I have a lot more faith in my own capabilities and as a result have been able to be a lot more dedicated, have been able to start my own business and I’m no-longer stressed!

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of going through The Thrive Programme?

Do it! It’s worth every penny.

What’s next in your life now you are Thriving…

I’m about to run the London Marathon in aid of the Mind charity, something I couldn’t believe that I was capable of before the programme. I’m continuing to take my business from strength to strength and most importantly I’m going to keep working hard at thriving.


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