Loretta - Watford

What was going on in your life that meant you decided to do the Thrive Programme?

I was at a very low ebb. Feeling very lonely and isolated. The consequences of leaving a very secure, well paid job and trying to build a small business was at the point of over-whelming me completely.

What difference did it make to you going through the programme with the help of your consultant?

All the difference! I’ve tried counselling in the past and read all sorts of self-help books, but never really understood how to help myself. So, I probably would have closed the business and taken any job to fill the gaps in my life and to remove myself from the pressures.

Did you enjoy going through Thrive?

I was very nervous and wary to start with. I only started to enjoy myself as I worked through the book, with Mary, and could see what I had been doing to myself all these years! It’s eye-opening and I could genuinely laugh at myself quite quickly.

Was there a key thing in the programme that stood out to you? And if you’ve tried other interventions or therapies before, what made Thrive different?

The key thing is the way it’s written. So accessible, no flowery language, very down to earth and of course support/contact with Mary. Left to my own devices I would not have succeeded. This is the difference. Thrive doesn’t just talk the talk it shows you how. Which really is crucial.

What did you get out of going through the programme?

The knowledge and tools to take my life back.

How would you say that your life has changed by going through Thrive?

Immeasurable. I have me positive pants on all the time ☺. You can be sure my smile is genuine now.

What 3 words would you use to describe you and your life 1) before Thrive and 2) now having gone through the programme?

1) Lonely, Lost and afraid.

2) Calm, positive and excited

Have other people noticed the change in you?

Yes, especially those close to me.

How have your friends and family benefited by you going through the programme?

I’m sure my husband and son don’t feel like they need to prop me up anymore. The atmosphere at home is calmer.

In what way is your company/business/career benefiting by you going thorough Thrive?

My business is growing and has a future.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of going through The Thrive Programme?

DO IT!!! You can’t fail if you immerse yourself in the process.

What’s next in your life now you are Thriving…

A social life! I’m ready to join some clubs and meet new people.


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