Georgia - Middlesex

What was going on in your life that meant you decided to do the Thrive Programme?

Before Thrive I was creating lots of unnecessary anxiety about my university work, had a shocking amount of self-confidence and hadn’t felt like me for a while. I felt very overwhelmed by small things and wasn’t enjoying the things I usually did. I was very emotional, insecure and verging on depressed. I was constantly comparing myself to others and thinking everyone was better than me.

What difference did it make to you going through the programme with the help of your consultant?

Completing the programme with Mary meant that I focused more and I truly believe I probably would have put it off if it wasn’t for her support.

Did you enjoy going through Thrive?

Yes, I have learned a lot from Thrive! Parts of it were tough but it was absolutely worth it. The self-confidence and control over my emotions has made it so worthwhile.

Was there a key thing in the programme that stood out to you? And if you’ve tried other interventions or therapies before, what made Thrive different?

The key thing in the programme for me is the tiny little changes you make each week. It may not feel that different day to day but suddenly you realise how far you have come – and that feels great.

What did you get out of going through the programme?

I feel like myself again. I now feel confident (something I have never described myself as) both in my work and social life. I worry a lot less and feel more in control. Perhaps the greatest thing I have learned through Thrive is to be kind to myself as I am to others. You are your own personal cheerleader after all!

How would you say that your life has changed by going through Thrive?

My life is happy again and I am enjoying every day. The confidence and belief in myself means I create little to no anxiety.

What 3 words would you use to describe you and your life 1) before Thrive and 2) now having gone through the programme?

1) Out-of-control, Overwhelmed, Insecure

2) Confident, Happy, Content

Have other people noticed the change in you?

Yes, my Mum and Dad especially. They have noticed my confidence and that makes me feel even prouder of my journey.

How have your friends and family benefited by you going through the programme?

I feel like I was relying on my Mum a lot before the programme, I was always very upset. Now we just chat and laugh instead of me crying all the time! I also see my friends a lot more and am back to playing my sports team.

In what way is your company/business/career benefiting by you going thorough Thrive?

Since I’m currently at university, the environment I am in and the work I have to do can sometimes be full-on. However, I have never felt so calm and ready for my final set of exams. My new-found belief in myself means that I know my exams will be a success. I finally feel good enough.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of going through The Thrive Programme?

Do it, why not? Anyone can Thrive.

What’s next in your life now you are Thriving…

I’m planning on continuing at university and going on to complete a Masters degree. I’m also hoping to travel and get out of my comfort zone even more. I’m excited for the future and no longer worrying about it!


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