Krystal - Liverpool

What was going on in your life that meant you decided to do the Thrive Programme?

2016 wasn’t a good year for me. There was a lot of pressure on my relationship. I had financial difficulties. And something which I didn’t realise at the time but is glaringly obvious when I look back now, I wasn’t happy in my job. The final straw was when I was made redundant in January. It came out of the blue and knocked me for six and it caused a bit of a domino effect in my life. I came close to ending my relationship, feeling like there was no point in trying to make it work. And I started sinking towards depression.

What difference did it make to you going through the programme with the help of your consultant?

Working with Mary made all the difference. I truly believe that if I’d decided to go through the programme on my own I wouldn’t have stuck with it and completed it. By having the support of a consultant like Mary, it ensures that you not only stick to the programme, importantly it also makes you address some of the more difficult things you may not do on your own, in a gentle yet challenging way and in doing so it gave me true perspective and allowed me to achieve all my goals.

Did you enjoy going through Thrive?

I thoroughly enjoyed going through the programme. At times, it was emotional and pushed me out of my comfort zone and it was hard work, but it was absolutely worth it! The more you put in the more you get out!

What did you get out of going through the programme?

I got Krystal back! I’d spent so long out of control and miserable without even realising it, and now for the first time in a long time I feel truly happy again. On about week 4 of the programme Mary asked about my positives from that week and one of the things which I relayed was that my boyfriend and I had laughed together that week, really laughed, stomach clutching, ridiculous laughter – and the sad thing was, I couldn’t remember when the last time we’d done that before Thrive. I feel more laid back. I’m able to cope with anything that comes along. I still don’t have a job at the level I was before the redundancy so financially things are a little tight. Before Thrive this would’ve had me really worried, however now I know whatever happens I can cope and we’ll be ok and I know I don’t ever need to lose that laughter again!

How would you say that your life has changed by going through Thrive?

My life has completely changed for the better. By learning to be internal, I’ve realised that the only person who has the power to change my life is me. My relationship is booming, we’re happier than I think we’ve ever been. I’m happier with my body and I’m taking realistic steps to become fitter and healthier, in fact I’d even go as far to say I’m starting to love my body! I’ve decided to retrain and change careers. Before Thrive, I don’t believe I’d have even been able to achieve one of these things, let alone all three!

What 3 words would you use to describe you and your life 1) before Thrive and 2) now having gone through the programme?

1) Depressed, Despairing, Angry

2) Happy, Positive, Beautiful

How have your friends and family benefited by you going through the programme?

I’m less snappy now and much more forgiving of others as well as myself. I find it easier to relax and have a good time. And I think I must be much easier to be around and to live with!

In what way is your company/business/career benefiting by you going thorough Thrive?

When I embarked on the programme, I was in the process of setting up my own business as a consultant in the field I have been working in for the past ten years. I’ve since made the decision to walk away from the industry – having finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t passionate enough about it to make a business successful. This was a huge turning point for me. Before Thrive, I would’ve seen this as a complete failure, however now I realise this is actually a huge success! I admitted to myself that it wasn’t the right thing and I made the decision not to go ahead with it, I didn’t stick with it for fear of what people would think, I decided to look for something which would make me happy! I’ve now made the decision to retrain and I am going to take qualifications to work in HR. This will mean that I’ll be based in Liverpool rather than travelling as with my previous job and I’ll have the opportunity to create a life in Liverpool which I haven’t done over the 4 years I have been here.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of going through The Thrive Programme?

If you’re thinking about going through Thrive then there is obviously something in your life that you feel needs work, so go ahead and do the course because you will discover that you probably have a lot more things which could do with work and this will give you the tools and the confidence to deal with all of them yourself. Stop doing the quick fixes or burying your head in the sand and take control of your happiness. Without trying to sound too cheesy, it really will change your life.

What’s next in your life now you are Thriving…

Living in the moment, I will be taking one step at a time and enjoying and appreciating where my life is right now something I didn’t do before. Life’s too short to be living one step ahead and be wishing your life away!


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